Venture Vizslas



We are Venture Vizslas
located in Harrisburg, PA

Our Vizslas are house dogs and members of the family. They are smart, fun, and always make us smile.

Whether they are looking for birds, catching a frisbee, or curled up beside us, they are a complete joy to own.

Please visit each of their pages to learn more about them.

Latest news:

Worst News:
We suddenly lost Rikka on July 8, 2017. She was just one month beyond her 13th birthday. She left a hole in our home and our hearts.

Maci earns her AKC Championship!
March 16, Lancaster KC Show in York, PA.
Close up of Maci at York

Digby earning Q's in Agility!
Digby Jumper
Digby (Nola x Miles) shows his form
as he works on his agility with his mom,
Rosemary Haines.

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Updated Family Pics  

Maci at Schaeffers
Maci (Nola x Miles) puts all her attention on that
bird she caught a whiff of!

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Duchamp art

Duchamp on the Bed ©
Original Artwork by Susanne Carlsson
Venture's Monsieur Duchamp

Duchamp was Rikka's Blue Boy and the
1st Venture Vizsla born! He and Susanne live in Texas.

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